Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bruce Lipton - The New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet

I came across another really interesting video which once again ties in very well with what I have studied, and in particular, the theories on the brain, consciousness, embodiment and so on...This is really great and refreshing, and makes me think a lot about the current beliefs and knowledge circulating in our popular culture! Luckily there are people like Bruce out there that are willing to challenge the so called "normal" practices and show us different sides and points of view.

He is also a great speaker and is able to communicate in a simple and colourful manner allowing dummies like myself ;), who did not have much exposure to medicine or biology, to follow really easily.

I must admit that I do love to see how all of the different disciplines including biology and science, which we usually get to learn as strictly separate subjects, interconnect and relate to other fields including art and philosophy - especially if we look at them from a social, historical and political perspective. So if you have a chance, I do recommend this video, it is definitely worth the watch!

PS. I seem to be having problems in embedding this video in my blog so, just in case, I am also giving you the link to the lecture: